Benches & Raised Beds – Unite Student Accommodation Aberdeen

Working with the team at East Midlands Landscaping our design team helped bring to life the outdoor spaces at the new Unite Student accommodation in Aberdeen. Creating a series of bespoke WoodBlocX Planter and Bench designs allowed them to develop the roof terrace areas into a relaxing breakout and study space.

The team here at WoodBlocX designed the planters to allow for groups to sit together, as well as there to be some areas specifically for more secluded times. Our Benches are prefabricated and delivered to site to fit in exactly within our modular timber building system. This makes the install time a fraction of building bespoke planters onsite or having to use cranes and heavy lifting equipment to deliver, this gives savings in manufacture and delivery costs for our system.

Designing benches for use in an area like this, with heavy use and exposure to the harshest weather the north east has to offer requires some unique considerations. Our timber for instance is pressure treated and built to last 15 years minimum even in contact directly with soil. We also avoid the core of each log when producing each component which gives the timber a strength and longevity we are happy to endorse and guarantee.