WoodBlocX for Bars and Restaurants

Bespoke Planters for Restaurants & Bars

WoodBlocX for Bars and Restaurants

Whether it’s a Bar or a Restaurant, a customer’s first impressions are crucial for success. From their first look at the menu to the presentation of the food, it adds up to creating an experience for guests that will bring then back again and again. So taking advantage of the outdoor space can be a great way to capture their eye. A beautiful, fragrantly planted and long lasting bespoke WoodBlocX raised bed outside any establishment can not only attract attention, but also allow for outdoor dining and relaxing areas for revellers to enjoy on a warm summers night.

The modular WoodBlocX system allows for Tables and Seating Areas to be built into the planters, increasing the overall seating area and profit potential. Our free design service means that you receive a made to measure solution, and the BlocXs themselves are lightweight, and can be constructed quickly and simply without any cutting required on site. We can also ship planters in pre-built sections or fully constructed to reduce build times even further where possible.

Having worked on many clients across the UK we are confident that we can work together with you to create unique and beautiful outdoor space.

If you’re interested in incorporating any raised beds into your architectural landscaping project then please contact us for a free quote.