Top 5 Reasons to use Raised beds

Our urban spaces are constantly improving and raised beds are a great solution for urban regreening.

Planting spaces can be installed into otherwise barren areas and a great variety of greenery can be planted. Whether you are looking to provide a community growing space, a tree planter or a rooftop kitchen garden, raised beds are a fantastic solution for any hard landscaping project. Below are the top 5 reasons to use raised planters...

Extra planting depth

A greater planting volume allows for a wider variety of planting options. Retrofitting or building raised beds onto hard ground immediately creates an entirely new, self-contained, green space. Larger plants and even trees can be situated in even the most awkward of areas.

Breaking up landscaping space & Pedestrian flow

Modern raised beds come in all shapes and sizes. Bespoke design is a massive advantage for the landscaped environment – particularly for placemaking. Natural solutions for planting can be non-invasive in their construction and can aid pedestrian flow.

Community growing

Creating community growing spaces in heavily populated areas becomes a much easier task with raised beds. A number of successful community growing schemes have become integral public spaces for large cities. Raised beds are also a useful way to garden for those who have restricted mobility.

Design flexibility

The breadth of options for raised bed shapes, colours and material finish is ever increasing. Often, companies will have their own in-house designers who can advise on all technical aspects of a system which affords a lot of freedom for specifiers and designers to do what they do best. WoodBlocX offers a free design service for all projects – find out more here.



Using raised planters gives a great opportunity to specify sustainable materials. Timber is often a great solution – provided it is itself sustainably sourced. A natural solution can help to soften a hard landscape environment as well.


In the UK we are seen as leaders in sustainable forest management aiming to maximise productivity without forgetting the importance of maintaining and expanding our wooded areas. The life cycle of wood – from the growing of seedlings, to planting, managing and harvesting the trees, to the processing of the raw material to produce thousands of products from timber to paper to WoodBlocX and renewable energy products is vital for sustaining the vibrant industry we have here in the UK.

We have a wealth of data online that can assist you in delivering raised beds as part of your project. Just click the link below to find out more or if you require additional information, please get in touch at – [email protected] or 0800 389 1420