Design flexibility

Design flexibility

Are you struggling with a design for a difficult area? Or do you need something a little out of the ordinary? Have you considered using a modular timber system such as WoodBlocX? Other options in these situations – notably sleepers if the client has specified a wooden product – could struggle with the required dimensions. Modular systems are almost infinitely adaptable and can create designs that you might find surprising!Blocxs-xray

The beauty of modular systems is that they can be tailored to almost any situation. Perhaps there is a narrow passageway or awkward corner that could really benefit from some planting – raised beds with the WoodBlocX system are narrow in themselves (unlike bulky sleepers) so they give much more planting space. Each component is also easy to get into the site, because they are light, clean, small and easy to move in awkward spaces – great if you have to take all your materials through the client’s house.

Modular timber systems can also be used to create a wide range of shapes – not just squares and rectangles. Circles, hexagons, pentagons and octagons are all available in the pre-designed kits, or specify what you need. They are cheaper too, especially when it comes to curved designs that would otherwise have to use stone or brick, and are all guaranteed for at least 15 years. Corner beds and L-shapes are easily achievable. This is not just for raised beds either – ponds, steps, walls (perhaps with inbuilt seating) and edging are all much simpler to install with a modular systems.

Perhaps the site needs a multi-level design. Terracing and stepped beds out of sleepers, brick or stone can make the expense (and the weight) really add up, but modular timber systems provide a durable alternative at a much lower cost. They are easier to get on site and to put together too, saving time and therefore money.

If you are working with an awkward area, off-the-shelf products and fixed dimensions may not work for you. WoodBlocX offer a design service for all of their products, so that you can create a bespoke project for your unique requirements. Better still, this service is entirely free and you have no obligation to buy. The BlocX come in a wide range of sizes, so that they can be adapted into almost any shape – if you want to have a look at how it might work for your project, try the online calculators as well – just put in the measurements and let WoodBlocX do the rest.

Sometimes a project needs something just a little bit different, and modular timber systems are not limited to planters and ponds. WoodBlocX have been used to build pirate ships and a model elephant that towers over 2 meters high. Really the only limit is your imagination – WoodBlocX would love to work with you to create something amazing!