How durable are WoodBlocX?

How durable are WoodBlocX?

When building a project for a client, it’s good to be able to guarantee it for a number of years, and that’s where using a project from a specific supplier is useful. Whereas it might be difficult to calculate the lifespan of a raised bed or other construction made from timber planking or recycled sleepers, WoodBlocX guarantee their products for 15 years.

In fact, raised beds, ponds, edging, terracing/retaining walls, steps and seats built from WoodBlocX could last much longer than this, but the company has only been trading since 2001 and the first planters are still going strong. The modular system means that the timber can be put together in many ways, but it also means that each individual component is as strong and hard-wearing as it can be.Dundee Waterfront - WoodBlocX

WoodBlocX are so durable because of the way the timber is treated.
First, they use only the strongest wood – never the heartwood – from the tree. This is a mixture of Scottish and Latvian slow-grown pine. Each block is pre-drilled and pressure treated twice using Wolmanit CX-10. This water-based preservative fixes in the cells of timber as it dries (all certified organic by the Soil Association), then the BlocX are dried in a vacuum and pressurised to 300psi. The result is almost 100% penetration of the treatment. Unlike other flimsier timber products on the market, this means that should some of the wood’s surface be worn away by, for example, foot traffic or the weather, there is no possibility of rotting timber.

Why Our Forests MatterThis, and the many joints in a WoodBlocx construction, mean that they are also incredibly strong in the face of frosts and ground movement. The flexibility means that they will not crack or distort under pressure, so there is no need to return to touch up or replace the construction. Unlike stone or brick, there is no mortar to erode in the face of the weather either. Finally, the BlocX are joined together using recycled plastic dowels and stainless steel corner plates and groundspikes so there are no components to rust away.

Not only will the BlocX stand up to the weather, they will stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use by the clients. Be they raised beds in a school garden or benches that get regularly sat on, steps, or retaining walls and terracing used in a playground or public park, the wood will withstand the erosion very well. The BlocX also fit together seamlessly, and the dowels expand within the joints, so there is very little possibility of them being prised apart by vandals.

The wood can be left to weather naturally (it will fade to a soft grey), or painted (they do not need varnishing). If your project includes components for children, or seats where a smooth surface would be preferable, you can request that the blocks are sanded before being sent to you.