How to beat the clock on a big project

How to beat the clock on big projects

Are you up against the clock with a big project? Does the area you’re working on need something to spruce it up quickly? Adding planting to an area is a brilliant way to add a finishing touch, and no matter how attractive a building or landscaped area, the only way to bring a bit of life to the space.

To incorporate planting, the simplest and fastest way is to use large planters or raised beds, and the WoodBlocX system is an ideal choice. The beds can be put on any surface very easily, so there’s no need for extensive preparation and there is a wide choice of off-the-shelf products that can be delivered in as little as 4 days. The modular beds can be configured to fit almost any space, and can be square, rectangular, hexagonal, circular or pretty much any shape you want. You can also choose from a variety of heights to suit the space. There are raised beds that include seating, or add separate benches – because all WoodBlocX products use the same materials they can really tie a look together.

WoodBlocX-Planters - Unite HallsAll the materials needed for a WoodBlocX construction are supplied together, on pallets, so there is very little need for complicated logistics on site, or sourcing extra components. WoodBlocX calculate exactly what you need for each bed, making it easy for you. Once they arrive, they couldn’t be simpler to put together. All the specific instructions for each construction are supplied with the materials (there are also online videos).

Once the bed is constructed, that’s it, it doesn’t need any treating with varnish or preservatives. It could be painted if required, but the natural wood will fade to a grey over the years. Fill the beds with topsoil and plant to transform the area – companies such as Crocus, lovania and Hortus Loci are usually happy to help with planting design (often having planting plans on their website) as well as being able to supply the plants quickly.


Look for example at the Westfield car park areas – a large, dull expanse of hard landscaping was transformed and given life with the simple addition of some raised beds and benches. This enhances not only the look of the place, but also the customer experience, so they are more likely to return – a good job all round. You can watch our case study on that project here –

Westfield Shopping Centre, London