Modular timber designs that don’t stick to traditional dimensions


Plans-imageIf you are designing a large landscape scheme that will be a pleasure for people to live and work in, planters are a useful tool to have in your project. Planting brings life to streets, squares, parks and housing developments, making spaces more enjoyable and adding colour and biodiversity.

Designing planters with a modular timber system allows your creativity to flourish and provides flexibility to create really unusual shapes, sizes and configurations. Using wood always eases the impact of large areas of asphalt, concrete or stone. The WoodBlocX system allows curves and interesting angles to be used soften hard landscaped edges or bold, imposing facades.

The WoodBlocX timber system is so versatile, that raised planters can be created in literally any dimensions.

MRM_0342 (Large)For a large project, or if you need something completely bespoke, the modular WoodBlocX system allows completely custom structures to be conceived. A design can be made to include all sorts of elements such as retaining walls, seating, steps, terracing, kerbing or even ponds.

Environments such as shopping centres, student accommodation or apartments often may incorporate wide paved areas that can be a bit soulless and uninviting. WoodBlocX allows cosy spaces to be introduced with sociable break-out seating areas tucked away amongst inviting areas of planting.

Within the grounds of schools, hospitals or sheltered housing, quieter, more intimate small-scale social areas may be called for. You could use trellis or pergola in conjunction with WoodBlocX, to generate a peaceful, private atmosphere. Stepped levels could easily be built up for a little stage; or seating in the round could create an outdoor classroom, often favoured in modern education settings.

Our team also offers a free design service. We will provide drawings, a list of components and instructions so contractors will see exactly what is needed to build the structure on site.

The WoodBlocX system means that large wooden planters, in curved or angular shapes, are easy to build compared with cutting sleepers or traditional lengths of timber.

And the WoodBlocX system is inherently strong as it is built up, meaning that large volumes of soil can be retained without the need for engineered retention systems.