Introducing our latest additions to the WoodBlocX street furniture range for 2019.

We have utilised the potential of the WoodBlocX system to create unique structures to compliment any urban space. These pre-designed kits can be built onto hard or soft surfaces and can be amended to suit your size requirements.

Whether you are looking for tree planters, bespoke seating or integrated planting space then our new range will provide an effective, sustainable solution for your project. Our Canisp range can is entirely modular which allows you to specify a unique placement of seating and planting options. The Tomintoul seating provides unique multilevel seating options for public spaces. The Drumbeg Tree Planter range provides deep space for larger tree planting in public spaces along with integrated benches.

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Creating spaces for people to live and interact in outside is a key aspect of many landscaping projects. The integration of street furniture is an ideal way to do this. It can give an area focus and a purpose, along with extending into spaces that could be at risk of abandonment.

18 brand new designs have been added to WoodBlocX Landscaping’s street furniture and planter range for 2019.

The company has focused on creating a collection that will offer landscape architects a wide range of sustainable and contemporary seating and planting options that are designed to integrate seamlessly into an urban environment. From fluid designs featuring curves and soft shapes to more angular, distinctive structures, that will make an impact on the streetscape.

With space often at a premium in urban areas, it an be difficult to incorporate planting, however, the new range has been specifically designed to maximise seating space whilst incorporating either low planted shrubs and herbs or taller trees and bushes.