Retaining Wall Durability

Retaining Wall Durability

When it comes to retaining walls and terracing, safety and durability are the main concerns. Stone may be the obvious choice, but it is expensive, and many budgets simply cannot afford it. The cheapest option is timber boards, but these will warp and distort over time, are often impregnated with nasty preservatives that many clients will not want, and are not very aesthetically pleasing. However, modular timber constructions, such as the unique WoodBlocX system, have none of these problems.

WoodBlocX walls are built with many individual pieces of timber (rather like bricks), that are pinned together using plastic dowels. Each piece of timber – selected to use only the strongest parts of the tree and never the heart – is then pressure treated twice, and because they are pre-drilled, the treatment penetrates almost 100% of the wood. A WoodBlocX wall can be expected to last for at least 15 years, probably more. The dowels can each withstand 0.9 tonnes of sheer force, and the walls are strong under both tension and compression, so in some cases, they are actually stronger than the stone alternative.WoodBlocX - stirling retaining wall

The many joints of the BlocX assembly system means that the walls are flexible enough to withstand frosts and ground movement, and won’t distort or crack under pressure. A single wall (the BlocX are 75mm wide) will hold earth to a height of 1m, and the narrow BlocX means that there is a lot more planting or path space above and below than there would be with something like sleepers. For example, a 4125 x 750mm retaining wall with three central steps costs less than £500 for all the materials including VAT.

With the WoodBlocX, all you need for the wall is supplied to you, so there’s no hidden costs, no need to calculate timber or stone requirements or factor in offcuts –all of that is done for you. Plus there’s no need for foundations or mortar. The BlocX can be left to weather naturally, great for a rustic look, or painted to suit the client’s needs.

WoodBlocX - stirling retaining wallThe beauty of modular systems is that they can be adapted almost infinitely to suit any size of project and budget, and because they are cheaper than stone and better quality than other timber products, they are an ideal choice. WoodBlocX have been used in projects for local councils and NHS Trusts, public gardens such as RBG Kew, on university campuses and more, and the team are used to working with landscaping and construction firms nationwide.

There are pre-designed, off-the-shelf, terracing and retaining wall options on the website, but if none of them fit the needs of your particular project, use the online calculator to work out a rough cost for your project. Alternatively, send WoodBlocX the measurements and your requirements and they will design it all for you and work out exactly what you need, all free of charge and with no obligation to buy.