The benefit of using sustainable landscaping solutions

The benefit of using sustainable landscaping solutions

These days environmental concerns really matter to clients, not just in your own company, but also all the way back down the supply chain to where you get your materials. Sometimes it can be difficult to be sure where your timber is coming from, but by using a company like WoodBlocX, you are guaranteed not only a high quality product but also the highest environmental credentials.

The modular timber constructions from WoodBlocX – raised beds, planters, retaining walls and terracing, ponds, benches and more – are all made using UK-grown timber.  Using UK timber drastically reduces the ‘timber miles’ and carbon footprint of the product. Plus, when it comes to delivering the BlocX to your site, they stack easily on pallets for efficient and environmentally-friendly transportation.

Furthermore, WoodBlocX timber is not only accredited by the FSC but also the Soil Association. The FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) is an international body that sets the standards for responsible forest management, and ensures that all timber products bearing its mark are from woodland that is managed sustainably, so that you can be sure that your timber product is from woodland that has its water, soil and ancient trees protected, and the operation does not use hazardous chemicals. The Soil Association’s rigorous certification process only allows the products with the highest organic standards.WoodBlocX-Planters - Unite Halls

The timber is then treated using a water-based preservative (Wolmanit CX-10), so there are no nasty chemicals to leach into the site’s soil. WoodBlocX constructions are so strong that they also don’t need foundations – even for retaining walls – so you won’t have to use any cement, which is often a big worry for customers with environmental concerns. The dowels that fix the BlocX together are even made using recycled plastic, so it’s all together one of the greenest products on the market.

Using UK timber helps to grow the demand for the product, and therefore also increase supply. Having a good supply of domestic timber is preferable in many ways but notably it reduces our dependency on imports (especially important in the uncertainty that is following Brexit). Imported wood can also often be from areas that are not managed sustainably, causing untold damage to the earth’s wildlife and climate – WoodBlocX UK timber has none of those concerns.

But ethical concerns over the sourcing of materials extend to more than just the materials. Using a product made of UK timber means that you and your clients are also supporting many UK companies, not just WoodBlocX themselves. The wood is not only grown but also cut in the UK, managed by forestry companies and our own sawmill that create jobs in rural areas. Jobs bring money and life to rural communities, often in areas that sorely need them. Using a UK-timber product such as WoodBlocX is the smart choice, for the environment and for your budget.