The Cost of Modular Timber Designs

The Cost of Modular Timber Designs

When budgets are tight, it’s good to be able to see all the costs of a project up front. Using a modular timber system for raised beds and other landscaping means that not only are the material costs easy to calculate, but the labour costs will be much more predictable than using other materials (such as sleepers) and there’s no time expenditure at your end on designing. Modular systems from WoodBlocX are available either as off-the-shelf pre-designed beds, or our free design service can create sizes specifically for your site.

For a breakdown of costs for some of our off-the-shelf planter designs download the factsheet here.

Labour costs are also a crucial considering factor for any build. We supply our BlocX on pallets throughout the country, and have been trusted by the likes of Willmott Dixon, BAM and Urban Planters to make sure our BlocX arrive on site on time and ready to build. Our light components are also the ideal solution for tight spaces, as they can be hand balled easily to any area of a site.

The bottom line is that WoodBlocX are as quick and easy to get to the build site, as they are to construct. wilmottDixon-GIFY

There’s also no running to the shops for extra pieces – everything is supplied for each design, and we include some spares as well just in case. Construction thereafter is fast and simple. It’s also easy to estimate the man hours needed to build with a modular system – for example, 1 person could construct 10 meters of retaining wall, at a 1 meter height in a working day.

Modular systems really are a win-win solution.