The most flexible landscape design solution

What is the most flexible landscape design solution?

Whether your project is big or small, it’s important to get the right look. While uniform is boring, unity is essential. Utilising repeated elements or the same materials can really bring a design together. When the planting is varied, using the same hard landscaping materials throughout can unite even a large area of gardens or landscaping. This is where a product like WoodBlocX really comes into its own. Not only can it be used to create the beds, but you can also build benches and seats, and use it for edging, so that the whole project is tied together with a single consistent look.

Modular timber systems such as WoodBlocX are also almost infinitely adaptable. No matter what your design, the team can work with you to create a bespoke system of beds and other features. It’s not just about right angles either – the BlocX can be built into curved and circular features too. There’s also no need for foundations, even for retaining walls, so the BlocX can be adapted to any surface as well as the needs of any design.Dundee Waterfront - WoodBlocX

Hard landscaping can often look brutal, especially in built-up areas, and planting is one way to soften the look. Using natural materials is another: the timber used to make WoodBlocX is not stained so it looks as natural as possible, and will weather to a lovely grey. In the recently-completed Dundee waterfront design, the designers found that WoodBlocX was the ideal product to marry the hard landscaping and the planting together (for more information on this project, see here).

In the Westfield Shopping Centre, contractor Urban Planters used WoodBlocX to bring an otherwise sterile, unexciting area to life. Here, the natural wood of the planters contributed to the look in themselves, not just as means of housing the plants. On the other hand, in more rural  areas, the timber blends and tones very well with other natural materials such as stone.

Clients who use WoodBlocX know that they are getting a strong, durable product that is simple and quick to put together. The natural timber is very attractive, but if it’s not quite the right look for your design, consider that you could paint or clad it. The BlocX are easily painted in any colour you like. Different colours could be used to demarcate different areas or sections of a garden, but because they are all still built from the same product, the unity of the look is retained.

Alternatively, the BlocX can be clad in a different timber or metal, which transforms the look, but at a fraction of the cost. Plus, because the timber bed or wall behind is so strong, there are no worries about bowing or warping. One way or another, WoodBlocX can be used to bring your design together. For more detail on the other advantages of using the unique modular timber system, see here.