A BALI Award Winning Project

Westfield Shopping Centre: Case Study

Urban Planters were engaged by the main contractor, Westfield, to provide the landscaping elements to one off the largest shopping centre in Europe, ‘Westfield Stratford London’.  The concept proposed by Urban Planters and Westfield incorporated large timber planters, seating and walkways to bring green country life to a large urban city area.


Urban Planters brought the brief to our WoodBlocX design team and worked closely with us in order to design planters that would not only achieve the brief but also be in keeping with the large innovative surroundings of the shopping centre.

The WoodBlocX install team then worked closely with Urban Planters to erect the planters around the busy shopping centre.  One of the larger planters was to step down the main staircases to the entrance of the shopping centre which was easily achievable using WoodBlocX because they are so versatile you can build a raised planter almost anywhere.  Also with the busy surroundings it meant the install team were able to store the WoodBlocX pallets away from the general public and work neatly in sections taking only what’s required in order to avoid any health and safety hazards which can often be a problem on sites accessible by the public and slow the project down.

We have now successfully installed several large planting structures around the Westfield Shopping Centre and continue to work closely with Urban Planters in order to achieve the ongoing brief.

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