Willmott Dixon’s new Gatefold Building housing project in west London

We are pleased to announce that we are working on Willmott Dixon’s new Gatefold Building housing project in west London. The development has been built on a former brownfield site and will provide 132 new homes.

We are for the first time, working in partnership with Eco Green Roofs, which created the initial design for the site’s outdoor spaces and the design is being put into action and managed by Urban Planters. This development will be our largest project to date.

A total of 55 individual WoodBlocX planters will be produced and installed throughout the estimated four-day build time across multiple floors of the development. This quick turnaround time will be achieved thanks to the lightweight nature of our components, meaning they can be transported to the worksite in a disassembled state to be built in position with minimal disruption and no waste.

The entire Gatefold project is in the final stages of completion and will have new residents moving in shortly.